Ich versuche hier so aktuell wie möglich zu sein, manchmal schaffe ich es aber einfach nicht. Im Moment sind tatsächlich alle Lacke und alle Marken hier aufgezählt, die ich habe bzw. behalten möchte. Das wechselt ja auch ab und an 😉

Sollte von einem bisher ungezeigten Lack ein Swatch gewünscht werden, bitte kurz Bescheid geben, ich gebe mir Mühe dem Wunsch so schnell es geht nachzukommen. 🙂

Stand: 20.02.2017

* dieser Lack befindet sich nicht mehr bei mir


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Lady of Shalott, Perceval, Queen of Scots, Lady Of The Lake, Princess Tears,  Crown Of Thistles, Beauty Never Fails, Rose Bower, Prospertine, Whispering Waves, Iseult


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Be Glamorous, Make Up, Red Red Wine, Pot Of Pleasure, Gorgeous Beachlife, Only You, Scandalous Lives Of NY, Confetti Glam, Stiletto Lady, Out Of Space, Bikini Bash, Jeans Couture, Vintage Style, Coral Reef, Denim Darling, Kiss You, Opalescent, Less Is More, Hudson River Turtle, Mystic Rouge, Endless Summer, Addicted To Shoes, Happy Peppy Balloon, Whatever You Like, Save The Last Dance


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Wear It Like Armour, Apricity, Honeybells, His Broken Heart, Mentha, Katerina, Valar Morgulis, Sugar Maple, October Glory, Green Giant, Bloodlines, Aquiver, The Full Blossom Of The Evening, Dreamcatcher, Baryon

China Glaze

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Diva Bride, All Aboard, Choo-Choo Choose You, Keep Calm Paint On, One Track Mind,  Fault Line, Pink Voltage, Blue Iguana, Winter Holly, Atlantis, Water You Waiting For, Running In Circles, CG In The City, Dorothy Who?, Cast A Spell, Howl You Doin‘, Glitter All The Way, Don’t Let The Dead Bite


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Never Nude, Cabaret Voltaire, Concord, La Tropicale

Colors By Llarowe

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Little Miss Independent, Love Actually, Chasing A Unicorn, Billy Jean, Berry Gem, Plum Perfect, Pirates Of Penzance, No I’m Still Tacky, Ice Ice Baby, Aubergine Dreams, Human Nature, Temptation, Scattered Sun Flare

Color Club

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Crystal Baller,

Colour Alike

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Limo (531), Nr. 571, 512, 540, Go With The Glow, Think Pink!, Red-y Or Not, Lime On Time, Big Boy (Holo TopCoat), Black Saint 2.0

Cupcake Polish

Dance Legend

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Dance Legend:
Comet Tail, Pulsar, Solar Eclipse, Nr. 571 , Nr. 584, Neptune, Party Time, Night Ranger, Chumash, Most Wanted, Intergalactic, Read My Lips, Royal Blood, Constellation, Gravitiy Falls, Albatross, Nr. 67, Lollipop, Thunderball
Anna Gorelova:
Wood Goblin, Finist, Sirin, Irij, Datura, January, September, Morocco
Bow Nail Polish:
Love At War, Tears Don’t Fall, Ritual


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Murder House, The Supreme, Slayed By The Bell, A Whole Latte Love, A Peony For Your Thoughts, Springing In The Rain, In The Prime Of My Lime, An Offer You Can’t Refuchsia, 50 Shades Of Yay, Girl Of Many Faces, Dancing With Dragons, A Knight To Remember, Belle Of Winterfell, The Priestess, Queen Of No Mercy, Clash Of The Sea

Different Dimension

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Surf’s Up, Don’t Be A Shady Beach, Starfish Wishes, Bold As Brass, SpaceX, Dangerous Woman, Ghost Of Jupiter, Once Upon A Midnight Dreary,

Emily de Molly

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Serenity, Clouded Judgement, Absent Minded, Throwing Copper, Moment Of Impact

Enchanted Polish

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Disco H2O, Dope Jam, Reign Beau, Oktober 2015, November 2015, Holiday 2015, Neptune, Dom, Telenovela, Tulle, Liquid Love, Opal Nectar, Opal Lagoon, Candied Opal, Liquid Love

Femme Fatale


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Tinsel Twinkles, Thief In The Shadows, Venusville



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In A Flurry, Oh Whale!, Despair, It’s Alive!, Elvira

Il Etait Un Vernis

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In Teal We Trust, Ixia, Pleased To Sweet You, Cabernet Sauvignon, Matcha Doing Today?, Under The Pink, My Favorite Popsicle, Teach Me Tonight, HOLO(VE), Crazy Little Thing



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Dark Crystal, Secrets


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Charmingly Purple, Lulu,  Cozy Mittens, Lilac Bridges, Wallflower, Undenied (H), Valentina


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Acetone It Down, Poppy Kisses, Big Tan On Campus, Witch Way


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Amethyst Aura, Violet Crumble, Make No Mistake

L.O.V. Cosmetics

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Alluring Amethyst, Remarkable Red, Mauve Majesty


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Teal-On-Me, Turbo Tangerine, Touch Of Emerald, Diamond Dust, Sparkle Everyday, Don’t Panic, Rock N Sparkle, Vanilla Tart, Nude-Luxe, Club Nights, Matte About Red, Be My Baby, Red-Tastic, Dark Dance, Bring It On!




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Pineapples Have Peelings Too!, Do You Take Lei Away?, Is Mai Tai Crooked?,  This Color’s Making Waves, My Gecko Does Tricks, Hello Hawaii Ya?, Aloha From OPI, Get Your Number, Morning Moneypenny, Haven’t The Foggiest, Blush Hour, Dating A Royal, French Quarter For Your Thoughts, My Very First Knockwurst, This Silver’s Mine!, Pamplona Purple, Passion, Chiffon My Mind, Juice Bar Hoping, Snow Globetrotter, Make Light Of The Situation, Black Onyx, Mimosas For Mr & Mrs, You Are So Outta Lime!,  I Sing In Color, A Grape Affair, Are We There Yet?, Rollin‘ In Cashmere, I’m All Ears, An Affair In Red Square, Don’t Mess With OPI, Suzi’s Hungary Again!, Planks A Lot, Get Cherried Away


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Risky Behavior, Platinum, Pixie Powder, Rio, After Party, Bubbly Bombshell, It’s Up To Blue, Freestyle,  Turn It Up, 15 Minutes Of Fame, Gossip Girl, Scandal, Frenemy, Front Page, BonBon, Gravity Bound, Pixie Dust


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Escapades, Pandora, Pirouette, Nemesis, Big Bang, Ornate, Cabaret, Pharao, Antique, Muse, Gala, Rose, Posey, Salt Water, Whimsy, Bridget, Holo On Top!

Pretty & Polished


Pretty Serious


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Baphomet’s Berserker, Dupe, Bloody Bride

Powder Perfect


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Flowerbomb, Forbidden City, If The Slipper Fits


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201 Chromatic, 204 Prisma, 206 Prisma


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Eluding The Cloud, No Place Like Home, Erasing History, The Suspension Of Time, My Water My Sky, The Secret To Love, The Last Breath, Friendly Omens, Under Her Veil, Open Doors, Bella’s Whiskers, War Paint

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